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Laser Assisted Crown Lengthening – Gingival and Bony Corrections for Better Restorative Outcomes

Many dental restorations are placed with minor violations of biologic width and/or without correction of gingival asymmetries that can affect the overall aesthetic and biologic outcome.

This is usually because these issues cannot be handled at the time of preparation and must be referred out, sometimes resulting in an unpredictable surgical or aesthetic outcome. The use of all-tissue lasers for select cases allows the restorative dentist the option to handle crown lengthening procedures that include gingival and bony correction, at the time of restorative preparation saving time and maintaining control of the aesthetic and biologic outcome of the case. This webinar will highlight techniques and cases where use of an all tissue laser as part of treatment execution can provide and excellent aesthetic and biologic outcome improving the quality of the restorative dentistry provided. Course Objectives – Topics of Discussion
  1. “Perio-by-the-Numbers” - How to diagnose biologic width problems.
  2. When aesthetic crown lengthening can be done via gingivectomy only, or when bony recontouring is necessary.
  3. Closed Flap Crown Lengthening: How an all-tissue laser can be used to make minor biologic width corrections prior to restorative dentistry
  4. Open Flap Crown Lengthening: Use of all-tissue lasers for precision alveolar bone removal for more extensive open flap procedures.

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