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Straumann TLX: Immediate placement and loading in mandibular first molar position with follow-up

February 02, 2021

The following case report describes a successful immediate implant placement in a mandibular first molar position with Straumann TLX and an immediately functional restoration followed up for one year.

Compromised maxillary dentition treated with Straumann Pro Arch and a digital workflow

December 28, 2020

Successful immediate implant placement associated with immediate loading remains one of the greatest clinical challenges. In addition to the placement of an implant immediately into the socket, the creation of an immediate screw-retained CAD/CAM temporary restoration is critical for an optimal aesthetic outcome. When using a conventional approach, the procedures require an extensive number of patient appointments and chair time for the dentist and the patient. Fortunately, nowadays digital workflows can be implemented, allowing treatments to be considerably shortened.

Immediate implant placement and restoration in fractured incisor with external root resorption

September 09, 2020

Many factors can be related to apical root resorption and rounding, among them orthodontic movement and occlusal trauma. In severe cases, the tooth can even become mobile. In normal situations, a fractured tooth above the gingival margin can be restored with conventional dentistry using an intra-radicular post and prosthetic crown. However, in cases where the root length is no longer optimal for use as a retentive element for an intra-radicular post, alternative options must be considered, which can include a removable partial prosthesis, a fixed three-unit bridge or a dental implant.

Mill, polish, seat! Indirect procedures in the dental workflow

July 15, 2020

In addition to the primary wishes of the patient regarding prosthetic treatment, namely safety, comfort and aesthetics, are the need for an efficient treatment process, high cost-effectiveness and a minimal number of therapy sessions. Owing to the possibilities offered by CAD/CAM, these desires can in many cases be fulfilled.

Digital ecosystem: The future is not in five years, the future is now

February 05, 2020

At a time when venerable institutions in numerous countries, such as the UK’s National Health Service, are already setting up their own digital ecosystems and when not only companies but also private households are increasingly becoming almost paperless, it is certainly not too early to take an interest in the digitisation of our own dental practices. Many practices are already equipped with digital devices that replace or complete some steps of the traditional dental procedure in the daily practice. However, what I would like to highlight in this article is the potential that those clinicians who are willing to fully engage in the digitisation of their practices and to create their own digital ecosystems can realise.

Full-mouth restoration with immediate loading in the upper jaw

October 11, 2019

Rehabilitating both jaws of a patient with a poor oral situation is already a challenge in itself. But we wanted to go even further by trying immediate loading using Straumann BLX implants, which are excellent for this kind of work because of their macro-geometry.

Conventional and immediate loading with final n!ce screw-retained crowns

September 04, 2019

Thanks to the very high accuracy of modern intra-oral scanners, excellent design software and reliable production systems, restoring an implant with a chairside model is now a reliable treatment with numerous advantages for the patient. The same-day solution with final materials produces excellent implant crowns in a chairside environment.

Immediate placement and restoration of a Straumann BLX implant replacing maxillary incisors

December 28, 2018

Placing an implant immediately after tooth extraction offers several advantages, including a reduced treatment time, fewer surgical sessions, possibility of fixed implant temporisation, and preservation of the soft-tissue contour and of the interdental papillae. Immediate implant placement into fresh extraction sites has been described as a predictable and successful procedure when proper protocols and case selection are followed. The success of immediate implant placement and the temporisation procedure relies greatly on sufficient primary stability of the implant. The latter depends on the volume of available bone beyond the root apex as classified by Kan et al. [1] and on the choice of the implant, its macro design and the drilling protocol. BLX implants (Straumann) were designed to achieve high primary stability when placed immediately after extraction.

Digitising your implant practice

May 03, 2018

Undoubtedly, digital dentistry is the current topic. Over the last five years, the entire digital workflow has progressed in leaps and bounds. There are so many different digital applications that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the advances. Many dentists are excited about the advantages of new technologies, but there are an equal number who doubt that the improved clinical workflow justifies the expense.

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